How to Get Your Bathroom Renovation Underway

family bathroom that needs a functional makeover

Although Rome wasn’t built in a day – your bathroom could be! All you will need is a firm set of plans, a fair amount of handyman skill and more than likely – a good contractor. If you are remodeling your existing bathroom, the first question you will need to know the answer to is; how do you want to change things?

How Do You Want to Change Things?

Taking a look at how your bathroom appears now, you need to decide what you don’t want to keep and what changes you want to make. You should be able to remove any fixtures you no longer require in your bathroom, by yourself or with the help of a contractor.

Your next step will be to decide what you want to feature in the newly opened space. Do you simply want to replace the fixture you have removed with a newer one, or do you want to leave this space open?

If you feel your bathtub is too big for your bathroom, you may be thinking about having it ripped out and replaced with a shower stall. I have often dealt with individuals who think this a good idea; however, weeks after their project is complete they find themselves pining for the bathtub they once used to warm their winter-stricken bodies. How does one use herbal bath salts in the shower after all?

I always advise against removing a bathtub from a bathroom, unless it’s to replace it with a new one. If you want a shower in your bathroom, it’s far easier to consult a plumber and consider the installation of a shower in your tub. This way you get the best of both worlds without rocketing beyond the limits of your budget.

family bathroom that needs a functional makeoverFamilies that grow older and larger often turn to removing pedestal sinks or single wall-mounted vanities from their bathrooms, to replace them with double vanities, large enough for all the family – with two sinks. Freestanding vanities are always the better option. Not only can these be installed (or simply dragged into the room) with ease; should you decide to replace it one day (perhaps once the children move out) you can do so without any trouble, and perhaps even hand it down to the next generation in your family.

A toilet’s plumbing in an existing home is fixed. Yes – you may want to move your toilet to the furthest corner of the room; however, are there not other fixtures you could move around instead? Toilets are not easy to remove, because the plumbing fittings will need to be moved too – not an easy task. However, simply replacing your toilet with one a little more stylish or comfortable than the one you currently make use of, shouldn’t take more than a couple of days.

Consider Your Costs and Whether Your Ideas Are Functional

The costs involved with a bathroom remodeling project depend on the intensity of work involved. This is the main reason why you must be 100% sure that any changes you want to make will be beneficial in your bathroom, and that these changes will only improve the functionality and efficiency of this room.

When you consider an idea, first take a look at how your idea will benefit you and your family. Is it merely an alteration for aesthetic reasons, or is it a necessary functional alteration, like removing your shower curtain rods to replace them with a glass shower door? This is a functional idea.

Shower curtains are tedious. They are a haven for mold and mildew, can rip if pulled aside too quickly, and sometimes don’t even serve their purpose; water still gets onto the floor somehow. A glass shower door, perhaps frosted glass, is 100% functional, and looks really great too. But, installing one of these won’t be cheap.

However, when you consider the costs involved in this case, they are worth it because you will be spending your money on an alteration that will enhance our bathroom’s functionality and appearance, a double win.

When in doubt, ponder the following: ‘only spending your money on alterations that will truly make life easier, is a good approach to a remodeling project’.

Let’s talk more specifically about the planning phase.

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