How to Create More Space in a Small Kitchen

The best small kitchens out there all share a few common traits. Their layouts are well-planned, they have smart storage features and they are incredibly efficient. For those looking to change up their kitchens or renovate in a big way, here are some ideas that will help you make the most of your kitchen space.

kitchen shelves provide extra space in a cramped kitchen

Kitchen shelves provide extra space in a cramped kitchen.

Get Rid of Corners – If you have the opportunity to design your kitchen from the start, then try to get rid of unused space. If you already have corners in your kitchen, then you can use that space to set up corner drawers or other space-saving features that make the most of what you have.

Increase the Sense of Space – You can provide the illusion that your kitchen has more space than it really does by adding mirrors wherever they will fit.

Install Extra Shelving – Using what is known as backsplash shelving, you can install shelves over your counters and above your stovetop to get lots of extra space out of your kitchen. These shelves are perfect for storing items you will use all the time near workstations, such as cookbooks or cooking ingredients.

Add in Counter Bars – You might not have all the space you want for a kitchen table. You can always install a countertop bar and use the area as a table and a food prep area.

Under-cabinet lighting makes a kitchen look much roomier instantly

Under-cabinet lighting makes a kitchen look much roomier instantly.

Customize to Fit Your Kitchen – Your kitchen is unique, and you should try to incorporate details into it that make the most of the space it has. Angled counters can be specially built to fit your specific kitchen and give you a bit more space.

Use Specialized Lighting – If your kitchen is poorly lit, then it will look more cramped than it really is. You can utilize under-cabinet lighting to make your kitchen appear a bit roomier.

Use Hanging Storage – You can give yourself some extra space by using hanging baskets to store some items. You can also hang your larger pots and pans over windows and counters with hooks to free up even more space.

Install an island – A kitchen island gives you more work space and storage space. Make sure you use the underside of the island to install drawers or shelves to stare lots of handy items. Better yet, many islands can be built to roll into a closet when you need that extra space.

Build a Perfect Place for Everything – If you know what you are storing, you can make your kitchen accommodate it perfectly. You can build special racks for plates, baking pans and other items that need to be stored away. With the right kind of storage for each item, you won’t be wasting space.

Open Storage Spaces – You can create a greater sense of space by taking doors off of the upper cabinets or by making open shelves around the kitchen.

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